Causeway Securities is an FCA authorised brokerage specialising in structured investments. We offer our professional clients a select range of structured investments from major global banks and administer placement of the investment on their behalf. We can also offer bespoke structured investments tailored to meet your client’s individual requirements.

Causeway was founded by a group of professionals from the financial services industry. We came together with a common vision grounded in the principles of integrity, transparency and innovation to provide unbiased coverage to our clients.


We are not tied to any single issuer of structured investments, so we are able to work with multiple issuers to secure the best pricing and counterparty diversification for our clients. We do not take market positions in our investments and have no financial ties with any of the banks we work with. Ensuring the financial success of our clients is our primary goal.

Working for you

At Causeway, we realise the importance of building strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We have a global presence that enables us to work closely with our clients across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. We are proud of our reputation as a trustworthy brokerage which can be relied upon to deliver quality investment opportunities time and time again.