Is this a new dawn for Capital protection?

Since the beginning of the year, it has been a rocky road for equity markets. The markets have been declining around the world due to inflationary concerns, rising interest rates and geopolitical problems. The Central banks have started to curtail the easy monetary policy by increasing rates whilst global economic growth optimism continues to hit all-time lows. This has seen investors starting to pull money from riskier assets and cash levels have risen to their highest levels in more than a decade.

As equity indices have lost up to 30% since the start of the year, the prices to enter the market are starting to look more attractive again with some industry experts such as CreditSights, the independent financial research company, suggesting stocks may be nearing a bottom as credit spreads have stabilised and are moving around less. However, due to higher volatility and continued uncertainty more and more investors continue to wait, and are overweight cash and underweight equity.

New opportunities

For structured products this new higher interest rate environment has created opportunities and enables us to provide investors access to equity markets via 100% Capital Protected Notes. These are packaged investment vehicles issued by a bank that use interest rates and dividends to provide capital protection and additional exposure in the price increase of equity indices.

Capital Protected Notes can be an addition to the portfolio of more cautious investors worth considering. For example, investors could potentially receive 120% to 140% exposure in the rise of a global equities while protecting 100% of their invested capital at maturity, subject to the issuer not defaulting on their obligations. This kind of investment can provide investors the best of both worlds, all or some of their money back if equities do not perform or high participation in rising equity markets.

How do Capital Protected Notes work?

Capital preservation is important and sometimes simple diversification does not do the trick. This can be especially relevant for people who need access to their investments and are nervous about market volatility.

To learn how Capital Protected Notes work, watch our animation video below.


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Important Information

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